See Beyond Clicks With the Best Google Analytics Alternative

Privacy-friendly web analytics made and hosted in Germany — powerful, cookie-free, and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR.

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See Beyond Clicks With the Best Google Analytics Alternative See Beyond Clicks With the Best Google Analytics Alternative
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Easy Start

Set Up in Minutes

Simply add the script to your site, choose from a variety of plugins, or go for the API backend integration. Pirsch is the plug-and-play Google Analytics alternative.

Integrates With Your Stack

Pirsch offers plugins, libraries, and tutorials for the most popular CMSs, website builders, and programming languages to get you up and running in no time.

Go Vue Angular React Wordpress Framer Webflow Laravel Drupal

Seamless Switch

Migrating from other web analytics solutions? Import your data from Plausible, Fathom, or Google Analytics in just a few clicks and easily continue where you left off.

No Cookie Banner

Say goodbye to consent banners: Pirsch works without cookies and never stores your visitors' personal identifiable information.

Privacy-friendly by Design

Built from the ground up with privacy in mind and with an open-source core, Pirsch offers uncompromising GDPR, CCPA, PECR, and Schrems II compliant data protection. All data is hosted on a secure server cluster in Germany.

Instant Output

Unlock Key Insights

With a powerful yet easy-to-use dashboard, you can access the most relevant data necessary to understand your customers and make the right decisions.

Track Everything You Need

With a wide range of data points, you get a detailed understanding of your visitors and target audience.


Filter With One Click

Pirsch makes it effortless to explore your stats through intuitive filtering on a super-fast, highly visual dashboard.

Advanced Analytics

Dive Into the Details

See beyond clicks with the power of events, A/B testing, and tag-based segmentation, drill down into single sessions, or track your performance with flexible conversion goals.

Analyze Funnels

Effectively visualize and fully understand user journeys in a matter of seconds.

Funnel Analysis with Pirsch AnalyticsFunnel Analysis with Pirsch Analytics

Explore Sessions

Learn more about individual user journeys with in-depth session summaries.

Session Analysis with Pirsch AnalyticsSession Analysis with Pirsch Analytics

Segment Visitors

Tags help you leverage your data, whether it's for A/B testing or segmentation.

AB Testing with Pirsch AnalyticsAB Testing with Pirsch Analytics

Create Events

Button clicks, checkouts, signups, and more. Quickly highlight important user activities.

Event Tracking with Pirsch AnalyticsEvent Tracking with Pirsch Analytics

Monitor Goals

Keep an eye on your site's performance and track conversion goals.

Conversion Goal Tracking with Pirsch AnalyticsConversion Goal Tracking with Pirsch Analytics

Utilize Webhooks

Stay up-to-date or trigger actions in the applications you already use with native webhooks.

Native Webhooks of Pirsch AnalyticsNative Webhooks of Pirsch Analytics
Smart Teamwork

Empower People With Data

Reduce friction and enhance productivity by getting the right information to the right people with minimal effort, enabling them to thrive and excel.

Easily Manage Teams and Sites

Work happens in teams. That's why Pirsch enables collaboration right from the start: Simply invite team members or clients via email, assign them roles, and give them access to the dashboards they need to excel. All people, sites and custom themes in one place.

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Receive Automatic Email Reports

Keep colleagues, customers, or partners in the loop with automatic email reports. Regularly receive a concise summary of the latest activities with just one click.

Share Dashboards With Anybody

Working with external partners? Create unique access links to securely grant access to dashboards or make them public on your personal subdomain.

Creative Freedom

Make It Your Own

Pirsch offers the most extensive theming and white labeling options available in the industry. Sleek and modern or something playful and vibrant? The possibilities are endless.

Custom Themes

Personalize your analytics experience with logos, colors or custom domains and stand out from the crowd.

White Labeling

Whether you want to offer your clients a full web analytics solution or reflect your own brand and style, Pirsch has you covered.

Dashboard Dark Dashboard Light Dashboard Green Dashboard Blue Dashboard Retro Dashboard Contrast
Good Company

Join Happy Customers

Hundreds of millions of page views for thousands of sites are collected with Pirsch Analytics each month — see what our customers have to say.

Leander Lenzing
Leander Lenzing

A fast and beautiful crafted analytics tool. The UI is lovely and the information is easy to grasp. Sounds cheesy but analytics are fun with Pirsch.

Lorenso D'Agostino
Lorenso D'Agostino

Pirsch is a game changer. It combines speed, beautiful design and usability like no other analytics tool. Barely a day goes by that I don't use it.

Bjarn Bronsveld
Bjarn Bronsveld

Been a Pirsch user since December 2022, and it's been a breath of fresh air compared to Google Analytics. Implementing in NextJS was done in minutes.

Tory Howell
Tory Howell

I'm obsessed with Pirsch! I use it on my personal website and recommend it to all of my website clients. It's honestly one of my favorite tools I use for my business.

Rishi Mohan
Rishi Mohan

In my week's usage of Pirsch on Kizie, I feel one of the best things about Pirsch is how well it displays the data I need to see with all the filters. You can setup custom events and goals too.

Rafael Alex
Rafael Alex

Beautifully designed. Easy to integrate and operate. Created and hosted in Germany. A lot of good reasons to give Pirsch a try — seriously do it. Today.

Dezeiraud Gaëtan
Dezeiraud Gaëtan

We use Pirsch on our website or software (Electron-based and UWP) with privacy in mind. It's not just GDPR compliant, it's a real philosophy. Privacy is not optional, it's a right.

Karr Fager
Karr Fager

I only wish I would've found Pirsch sooner. It is simple, clean, and quick. I tried several other solutions to display website data on my clients' SEO dashboards, Pirsch is the winner.

Vegard Flatoy
Vegard Flatoy

I've tested many of the cookieless tracking alternatives and I just love the Pirsch dashboard. The graphs are unparalleled. I also love the custom stuff you can do with their events API.

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