Introducing Pirsch 2.4

21. May 2024

Today we introduce Pirsch version 2.4 with some long-awaited features!


We now track regions in addition to a visitor's country and city. This is also available for sessions and you can filter on it.


Countries and live visitors can now be viewed on a map!

Simply click the active visitors at the top or the map icon in the countries panel. The map will update if you change the filter period using shortcuts.

Map Icon Map

Changes to Custom Domains

Custom domains now require DNS confirmation to ensure you're the owner of a domain before we query an SSL certificate for it. Confirming a custom domain is done by setting a TXT record and waiting a few minutes for it to propagate. When saving the hostname, the record will be looked up to confirm that you're the owner. We'll now also check that the hostname is not in use.

The configuration and instructions can be found on the settings page or in our docs.

Traffic Filter

It's now possible to filter traffic based on IP address, CIDR, hostname, country and path. This makes it easy to exclude your own traffic as well as unwanted traffic. Filters can be added in the settings page.

Please note that it takes a few minutes for filter changes to take effect.

Traffic Filter

Joining Organizations based on Email Address

You can now configure domains that will be used to automatically add members to organizations. After account confirmation, any user with a specific host name in their email address is automatically added to your organization. For example, if you configure as the domain, any user with an email address will be added.

Auto-join Organizations

Number of Events in Panel

This has been asked for quite often. By default, we show the unique visitor count everywhere in the panels. For the events panel, we now also show the number of events on hover.

Events Panel

New Theme Capabilities

Themes can now be configured to hide the copyright and the light/dark mode switch. We have also fixed some issues with the current theme configuration.

You can find the full changelog in our documentation.

Plausible Analytics Import

13. May 2024

You can now import your Plausible Analytics statistics into Pirsch!

We've added a new section to the Import / Export Settings page. Simply create a zip export of all of your Plausible statistics from their settings page and upload it.

You can find the full changelog in our documentation.

Y-Axis Improvement

29. April 2024

This update introduces a slight change to the y-axis of the graphs. Instead of leaving some space at the top, we're now scaling the graph to the maximum value.

This mostly affects graphs that show relative numbers (percentages), which can be really tiny if you have a low conversion rate. Here is an example.


Graph y-Axis


Graph y-Axis

You can find the full changelog in our documentation, including bug fixes and other minor changes since our last big update.

Introducing Pirsch 2.3

11. April 2024

Version 2.3 is another milestone that improves Pirsch in many ways! Let's take a look at the changes and new features.

Viewing Individual Sessions

You're now able to view sessions individually. We've slightly changed the design of the top menu to make more space for the new Sessions page.


The results must be broken down until you have 200 sessions or less in the result set. Filters can be applied as you're used to on the main dashboard. In addition, we now allow you to group results by minute, so you can click on an hour of a day for more granularity.

Clicking on a session in the list will show more details and all page views and events in chronological order. This can be useful to get a better understanding of what visitors are doing on your site. For example, you can filter for a custom event called "purchase" to see if there are any problems with the checkout flow of your e-commerce store.



Pirsch now supports webhooks that can be triggered by custom events. A webhook allows you to receive the event data on a user-defined HTTPS endpoint. They are useful to automate tasks, receive updates, for example if a purchase is made or a new user signs up to your product, or to be notified when an error occurs.

Webhooks are a Pirsch Plus feature and can be configured on the Integration settings page. You simply need to chose a description and enter the event name and the endpoint.


Traffic Spike Notifications and Alerts

Until now, you would have needed to constantly check your Pirsch dashboard to catch a traffic spike on your website. This has become a lot easier, as you can now configure traffic spike notifications! A traffic spike notification is sent out by e-mail if the configured threshold is reached, to any receiver you like. They are configured on the Reports settings page.

Traffic Spike Notifications

Another common issue was that changes to your website (like installing a Wordpress update or similar) might broke the Pirsch integration, leaving a gap in your data collection until fixed. We now support traffic alerts, send out if your site didn't receive any traffic for a couple of days. The threshold can again be configured on the Reports settings page.

Traffic Spike Warnings

The warning is sent by e-mail to all administrators.

New Consolidated Script

The JavaScript snippet integration got a bit confusing as we kept adding scripts with new functionality. We now decided to keep it simple and consolidate all scripts into one. Of course, the old scripts are still available and will keep working. However, the new pa.js works exactly as pirsch-extended.js, fully replacing all other scripts. The size is still less than 4 kB compressed.

If you'd like to make the switch, please remove all existing script snippets from your website and replace it with the new pa.js snippet from the Integration settings page. Any configuration can be applied as before by adding attributes on the src HTML tag.

Other Changes

Here are a few other changes worth mentioning.

The dashboard now shows a graph for the number of unique visitors over the past week. The data is cached as before.


You can now apply the contains filter to event meta values, allowing you to filter long lists of metadata.

Metadata Filter

It's now possible to delete only events. Previously it was only possible to delete all statistics for a period.

Delete Events


We hope you'll find the new features useful! Please report any bugs or issues to us. You can also leave feedback on our public support forum.

As always, you can find the full changelog in our documentation, including bug fixes and other minor changes.

Introducing Pirsch 2.2

14. February 2024

Pirsch 2.2 is the first major update in 2024, bringing new features and improvements. Let's get right to it!

Comparison View

We have added a comparison view that allows you to compare statistics with the previous period, year over year, or a custom date range.

Comaprison View

By default, the comparison view is set to match the day of the week. For example, filtering for a single day will compare that day to the day of the previous week. If you deselect it, it will be compared to yesterday. The graph selection shows the growth to the selected previous period and the total number of visitors, page views, etc.

Learn more in our documentation.

Tag-based Segmentation and A/B Testing

You can now attach tags page views to segment your audience and users. This can also be used for A/B testing. Attaching tags is as simple as adding a few attributes to the JavaScript snippet or sending them through the API using the server-side integration.

Tags Panel

Filtering for tags works very similarly to event metadata filters. You can filter for a tag key or a tag key-value pair.

Tags Filter

You can attach up to 20 tags to a page view, with a limit of 50 characters for keys and values. Tags are a feature of Pirsch Plus.

Learn more in our documentation.

Fathom Analytics Import

Many of our customers have switched from Fathom Analytics to Pirsch. We've now made this much easier by allowing you to import your historical Fathom Analytics data into Pirsch. The data can be imported as a zip file from the Import/Export Settings page.

Fathom Analytics Import

Learn more in our documentation.

Set A Path/Title Prefix and Suffix

We have recently added a path prefix to allow data to be separated on rollup views. The prefix is added to the path of a page view so that you can distinguish your sites on a rollup view. We have now added a suffix for the same purpose, and you can now also add a prefix or suffix to the page title.

Learn more in our documentation.

New Event Metadata Limits

Custom events now have a limit on how many metadata key-value pairs you can attach and how long they can be. The limit is 20 key-value pairs per event. The key is limited to 100 characters. The value is limited to 2000 characters.

We've made sure that no one is exceeding these limits right now. So you don't have to worry about anything breaking. However, if the limit is reached, you'll now get an error message.

Other Minor Changes

Other minor changes in this release include:

  • Conversion goals are now sorted alphabetically when the number of unique visitors is the same
  • The domain ID is now displayed on the settings page, so you can easily copy it when working with the API
  • You can now set a display name for dashboards, which will replace the domain name in the dashboard selection if set
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements


We hope you enjoy this release! Please let us know if you find anything that doesn't work as intended. You can also use the new public support forum for general questions and feedback.

In the coming days, we'll be updating the SDKs and providing more examples of how to use the new features. To start with, we'll show how to use tags for easy A/B testing, as this has been a popular request.

Pirsch Analytics 2.0 Is Live on Product Hunt

30. January 2024

We put so much work into Pirsch Analytics 2.0 that we want to show the world what we built and hear what people are think about it.

For those of you who would like to give us feedback, ask a question, or just say hello, now would be the perfect time. We look forward to your comments and reviews!

Visit Product Hunt

Discourse Support Forum

16. January 2024

Hi everyone! We hope you had a fantastic year 2023.

This is our first update for 2024, introducing a new Discourse support forum! The forum is intended to replace Discord in the future, so that we can all share a public and indexable knowledge base. Use it for:

  • Public support requests and questions
  • General questions about analytics
  • Get tips and help by other users, or support them
  • Share your work and showcase your website or product

You don't need to create a separate account. Simply sign in using your Pirsch account.

Please let us know if you think something is missing, such as a category. You can find links to the forum in the resources menu (top right) or on our website.

Domain Search, Pinned Dashboards, and More

19. November 2023

This is our last update before we start working on Pirsch 2.2, which will include a comparison view and segmentation (aka tagging). We've made a lot of smaller improvements, so let's get right to it.

Dashboard/Organization Search and Pinned Dashboards

We've added a search field to the dashboard and organization overview in the top right corner. The search field filters the lists by hostname and organization name, respectively.

Dashboard Search

You will now be able to pin dashboards and set them as favorites directly from the dashboard overview. Pinned dashboards are always listed first, including the dashboard selection in the top left corner.

Pinned Dashboards

Improved Roll-up Views

Rollup views have been enhanced. First, if you're a Pirsch Plus customer using a custom domain, you can now include the data-endpoint parameter in the script to prevent ad blockers from blocking requests to You can copy the modified scripts from the integration settings page or add the parameter yourself.

Secondly, there now is a data-path-prefix parameter that can be added to rewrite the request URL. Setting it will change the request path. This is useful if you're collecting the statistics for multiple websites on a single dashboard, but would still like to distinguish them. Learn more on our documentation.

Other changes include:

  • Pirsch now detects the Arc web browser
  • Arc and Samsung Internet now have icons
  • A new scope for account clients to read usage statistics has been added
  • We've added a banner if the last payment failed

As always, you can find our full changelog here.

Performance Optimizations and Sampling

28. October 2023

As you can probably see from the version number, there have been a lot of minor updates since the release of Pirsch 2.1. In this update we would like to summarize the changes that have been made since then.

  • We have improved the accuracy of the combined statistics from Google Analytics and the data we collect
  • Imported statistics load much faster
  • Email reports can now be configured to link to a public dashboard
  • The events table (details view) now displays the total number of events correctly
  • We've fixed and improved to the session duration and time on page calculations

In addition to these changes, we have fixed many other minor bugs.

In this update, we added sampling, which greatly improves performance when you have a lot of data. From now on, if you have more than 10 million unique visitors on the dashboard, the results will be sampled. This reduces the accuracy of the statistics by about 1%, but makes loading the statistics ten times faster. In addition, we now cancel running queries when you change the filter, also improving loading times.

Another important bug fix that affected performance was an infinite loop that would occur if statistics couldn't be loaded before the request was canceled due to a timeout. If the statistics calculation for a panel takes more than 30 seconds, it will now abort and display "No data".

As always, you can find our full changelog here.

Introducing Pirsch 2.1

17. September 2023

Pirsch 2.1 is the first major update since we launched 2.0. We've added new statistics, custom metrics, and a few convenience features.

Support for Client Hints

Let's start with some technical changes: we now support client hints. Client hints are a modern approach to identifying a visitor's operating system and browser, currently only supported in Chrome. They allow us to more reliably identify Chrome and OS versions, such as Windows 11 and Chrome OS, which weren't supported before.

If you use any of our SDKs or API, be sure to upgrade and set the new client hint fields for your requests.

Changes to the Dashboard

There are two minor changes to the dashboard in this release.

First, we have added a refresh button so that you no longer have to refresh the whole page to load the latest statistics.

Refresh Button

On mobile, it is displayed in the graphs panel.

Refresh Button Mobile

Second, by popular request, the panels now show direct/none and unknown for all stats. This was previously only available in the detail view when expanding a panel.

Direct/None and Unknown

Conversion Rate Graph

The new conversion rate graph shows the conversion rate for a page, conversion goal, or event over time. This helps you identify trends.

Conversion Rate

Events for Conversion Goals

When creating a conversion goal, you can now enter an event name and a metadata key and value. The dashboard is filtered by the event and metadata pair. You can combine this with a path pattern or regular expression to filter for the page on which the event was triggered.

Conversion Goal Event

The path pattern is now optional, you only need to set one of the two to create a conversion goal.

Custom Metrics

Custom metrics are a new Pirsch Plus feature. They are a versatile tool to help you track various metrics for custom events and are part of the conversion goal dialog.

One example is e-commerce revenue and attribution tracking. Simply create a new conversion goal, specify the event you want to use to track revenue, and a metadata field you want to use to generate the stats. In the screenshot below, the field used to track revenue is called amount and the type is set to decimal.

Conversion Goal Event

When filtering by conversion goal, you'll see two new graphs for average and total revenue.

Conversion Goal Event

Of course, you can combine this with additional filters, such as the referrer or UTM parameters for ad attribution.

As with path patterns, you can set a target to receive a notification and optionally delete the goal automatically.

To create the Sale event, you would simply create an event as you're used to, with amount and currency as metadata fields.

pirsch("Sale", { meta: { currency: "EUR", amount: 199.98 } });

Custom metrics are not limited to e-commerce. You can use them for anything you want. Since they just use regular metadata fields, they are backward compatible and can be used on existing events.

As always, you can find our full changelog here.

Announcing Pirsch 2.1

14. September 2023

Pirsch 2.1 is in its final testing phase! This will be the first point release since 2.0.

We will be rolling it out on the 17th of September, this Sunday. Expect a few minutes of downtime as we're also doing some maintenance on our infrastructure.

Check out our changelog here.

A Few Improvements to White Labeling

06. August 2023

We've made a number of minor improvements to White Labeling, including:

  • New options to hide the login button and footer on custom domains
  • You can now select which color palette should be displayed by default (light or dark mode)
  • Added a color switch for your customers/visitors on public dashboards

And a few other smaller things. Read the changelog.

Scripts on Custom Domains and Small Improvements

08. July 2023

After the release of Pirsch 2.0 on Saturday, we fixed a lot of bugs thanks to your feedback.

This release includes an improvement to the color picker for custom themes and scripts on custom domains.

Scripts on Custom Domains

It's now possible to serve all scripts on your own domain. After configuring a custom domain, you can copy the snippets from the integration settings page. We've shortened the file names, so that they won't be blocked.

Custom Domain Snippet
  • pirsch.js becomes p.js
  • pirsch-events.js becomes e.js
  • pirsch-sessions.js becomes s.js
  • pirsch-extended.js becomes ext.js

Better Color Picker

The color picker for custom themes used the browser default, which is inconsistent across browser vendors and in some cases doesn't allow you to insert hex codes and freely select a color.

We added a custom color picker that unifies the experience across all browsers and supports all formats supported by our dashboard.

Color Picker

Introducing Pirsch 2.0

08. July 2023

Today we are releasing Pirsch 2.0, with new exciting features, improvements and a foundation for future development! Without further ado, let's start with the changes.

User Interface Improvements

We've made a number of major and minor improvements to the dashboard. Most notably, the top navigation is now cleaner and easier to read. It also makes more room for new features (more on that later).

Top Navigation

The new overview lets you see some basic statistics for all of your sites and easily switch between them. It also shows the number of members and lets you know if you're the owner of a dashboard. The statistics on the dashboard are cached and not updated in real time.


Another notable change is the new integration overview after creating a dashboard and in the settings. There was some confusion about when to use which integration. The new collapsible sections make it easier to see your options and choose the right one.

Integration Options

One feature that has been requested for a while now is a full-width dashboard. And guess what. We added one.

Full-width Dashboard


Our first Pirsch Plus feature in this release! Organizations help you manage sites, themes, your team, and your clients.


You can add team members and customers to an organization and manage their permissions. They get access to every dashboard that belongs to the organization, so you can make changes to permissions centrally. Previously, you had to sign in with the account that the subscription was created for. Now you can simply have your team member add sites on your behalf.


Themes are made available to your team members. Speaking of themes...

Themes and White Labeling


Probably the most anticipated addition for many of you are themes and custom domains! This allows you to fully white label the experience for you and your clients. White labeling is available with Pirsch Plus.

Create themes for yourself or your organization and assign them to dashboards. You can change the logo, favicon, color, border radius and more! Setting a theme also affects emails.

Theme Options

A theme sets the default look for your dashboards, but you can override individual settings on the new Theme Settings page.

Theme Settings

To fully white label Pirsch, add a custom domain to your dashboard. We will automatically request an SSL certificate for your domain and host the dashboard on it. All features are accessible through your domain, so customers can sign in, reset their password, and more, all from your domain.

Sign In

The only exception (for now) are our scripts. Integrations will still need to load scripts and make requests to

If you don't want to upgrade to Pirsch Plus, you can try out themes by applying a temporary set of rules on the Themes Settings page.

Pirsch Plus

Pirsch Plus is our new pricing tier for more advanced features, such as white labeling, but also for future additions. We called it "Plus" because you don't lose anything if you're on our Standard plan, but it will help you get more value out of Pirsch.

For an overview of what you'll gain by upgrading to Pirsch Plus, please see our pricing page. You can upgrade your subscription on the Billing page.

There are two minor changes for new users:

  • With the Standard plan, you're limited to 50 dashboards. This is far more than most people need, so we feel this limit is reasonable. If you're an existing customer, you still have unlimited sites.
  • Free trails will now start after the first website is added. This means that new users can start their trial whenever they want, without the pressure to use the free trial right after signing up.

Pirsch Enterprise

We now officially offer an enterprise version of Pirsch. You can either host Pirsch yourself or get a custom setup for your needs. Please contact us if you're interested.

Other Changes

Under the hood, we have made many technical improvements that are (hopefully) not visible to you. For example, we completely rewrote the dashboard state management. You can check our changelog for details.

If you find any problems, please don't hesitate to contact our support. We usually respond quickly and try to fix bugs the same day.

What's next?

Pirsch 2.0 is the foundation for many more features. Here are some of the things we have planned for the near future:

  • Monetary values for custom events
  • Easy segmentation of page views by tags
  • A comparison view
  • Website monitoring
  • Funnels

We hope you like what we have done in this release! Feel free to share your feedback with us via email or social media.

Your Pirsch Team

26. June 2023

Pirsch 2.0 Announcement

We've been busy building Pirsch 2.0 for the past few months and are finally ready to announce a release date!

Pirsch 2.0 will be rolled out on the 8th of July. You should expect a downtime of a few hours as we're also improving our infrastructure.

More details will be presented on launch. For the meantime, you can check out our changelog here.

06. June 2023

Euro Payments and New Payment Methods Available

If you had problems with credit card payments in the past, you can now pay using PayPal or SEPA. We have also included the possibility to change to Euro on the billing page.

Go to Billing Page

08. May 2023

New Google Analytics Import

Until today, we were transforming the data imported from Google Analytics into our own format, which led to inconsistencies between the two dashboards. It also gave the impression that you could filter on the imported statistics, which is not possible as Google does not provide raw data and we rely on aggregated statistics.

We have decided to change our approach and the imported stats are now stored as-is. This means that if the statistics displayed on the dashboard contain imported data, you will no longer be able to filter on them.

Please also note that since we are storing one data point per day, there will be differences in totals. For example, the total number of visitors will be different if you filter by time period. Looking at days individually will be accurate.

We strongly recommend that you re-import your statistics. Please delete your existing imported data on the Danger Zone settings page first. Make sure you don't accidentally delete more than you want! You can then re-import your statistics as you've done before.

More information can be found in our documentation.

28. April 2023

This is a small update adding a feature that has been requested for a while now: changing the domain for a dashboard. The new feature can be found in the settings (danger zone).

We also fixed a bug regarding events. Before, creating an event would start a new session with the page view count at one if required. This led to some smaller inconsistencies as no page view was recorded. The counter will now start at zero, fixing the inconsistency.

08. April 2023

Using custom events on your website has become a lot easier. We added a new script allowing you to:

To use these features, replace the pirsch.js script with the pirsch-extended.js script. Note that outbound links, file downloads, and 404 error pages are tracked as custom events, which count towards your monthly page view limit. More information can be found in our documentation. You can also find a demo on GitHub.

We also started working on what will become Pirsch 2.0. The basis for a lot of new features we have panned for the future. For the first iteration, we plan to add support for team management, theme settings, and custom domains.

01. February 2023

We updated our DPA (Data Processing Agreement). You can always download the latest version from the resources menu or by clicking here.

27. January 2023

We now have an affiliate program!

Our affiliate program allows you to earn rewards for referring new customers to Pirsch. You can simply copy your personal affiliate link, and every time someone signs up for a subscription, a reward is added to your account balance.

Simply navigate to the affiliate page from the account menu in the top-right corner and copy your personal link.

Affiliate Program

Learn more

05. January 2023

We've been busy over the holidays and worked on the next major update for Pirsch. The new version brings some convenient functions and improvements to the dashboard.

Changes to the Settings

The settings pages have been restructured, as they got bloated.

Settings pages

We added locks, allowing you to prevent accidentally changing or deleting something on the web interface or through the API. Locked elements can only be unlocked manually on the settings page.


The panels on the dashboard can now be customized. You can set whether a panel should be displayed on the private, public, or both dashboards. By default, all panels are enabled.

Panel customization

Viewer Time Zone

We now use the viewer's time zone by default. Before, you would always see the dashboard in the configured time zone. This is now used as a fallback if the visitor has no time zone configured.

Other Improvements

We made a few subtle improvements to the dashboard. Most importantly, we improved the authentication so that you can now stay logged in for a year in a secure way.

The subdomain if you add a dashboard will now be pre-filled, and we improved the data fetching mechanism so that pending requests are now cancelled if you change the filters while panels might be still loading.


27. November 2022

Today we have released an update, including the new version of our open-source core. This will bring event filters more in line with other filters, improve bot filtering, and fix an issue with our session extension feature.

Improved Bot Filter

We now filter bots based on their IP address. This will greatly improve the quality of your data and reduce costs. We block all larger known data centers and servers that are known as spammers.

You don't need to worry if you use our API to send statistics. The filter mechanism won't affect your own servers running in the cloud or on-premise.

Excluding Events

Before, excluding an event would only return statistics for visitors that created any event at all. Now, it correctly returns all visitors without the event and no event at all.

Event filter Left: before, right: after

In addition, filtering for an event will now return all pages a visitor visited during a session. We have added a new entry in the page view panel Event Pages that shows the pages an event has been triggered on.

Extending Sessions

We have fixed an issue with our session extension feature. Sessions are reset after 30 minutes if the visitor doesn't switch pages. You can now extend sessions using a new script or our API. This is useful if you would like to see how many people are on your site, even if they don't swap pages, like in an app, for instance.

Please note that extending sessions comes at an additional cost. One session extension will be counted as 1/10th of a regular page view. If you update a session once a minute, keeping it alive for 10 minutes will be counted as one page view.

UTM Content and Terms

We have moved the UTM Content and Terms panels. If you filter for an UTM parameter (sources, media, or campaigns), they will now show up in the sources panel.

UTM Panel


We noticed that a few users had trouble finding a support channel. So we have added a new entry to the resources menu.

UTM Panel


01. October 2022

This update includes improvements to the filters. Before, parameters of the same type (like path, country, etc.) were connected using a logical OR. This meant that if you wanted to exclude multiple pages, for example, the filter would do nothing. We've changed this so that negated parameters ("is not") are now connected using a logical AND.

Here is an example: Before, the filter could be read as "Path is not / OR Path is not /about-us", which had no effect. Now it can be read as "Path is not / AND Path is not /about-us", correctly excluding both pages.

Negated filters


04. August 2022

This version adds some convenience features. You can now:

  • configure the time visitors are counted as active on the dashboard configuration page
  • display the number of active visitors in the tab from the account settings page
  • configure advanced options and test the JavaScript snippet from the dashboard configuration

Check out our changelog for a list of all changes.

19. August 2022

We're proud to announce the next big update to Pirsch! Let's go through the new features and changes one by one.

New Filters

The filters have been completely reworked and now allow you to set multiple values for the same field.

Reworked filter

The contains selector filters results based on your input.

You can click on a value to change it and filter the options by typing, all controllable by keyboard!

Reworked filter

Use the arrow keys to navigate results, press enter to select a value, or press escape to close the selection.


You can now save a set of filters as views for later use. Share views with your team to gain insights that are important for you more quickly.

Create a View

A view can be created by clicking the bookmark icon in the filter bar.

View Icon

Import Data From Google Analytics

We have made switching from Google Universal Analytics to Pirsch a lot easier. You can now import your statistics on the general settings page.

Please note that we cannot fully reassemble the statistics that you see in Google Analytics and that there will be differences, especially when you use filters.

GA Import

Set a Dashboard as Favorite

We've finally added a features that has been requested a few times: setting a dashboard as favorite.

By clicking the star icon you can set a dashboard that will be loaded by default after login.

Favorite Dashboard

... and more

Of course we made a lot more changes and fixed bugs. One important change is that the entry and exit pages now show the unique visitor count instead of the number of sessions, to align it with the other panels. Also, the percentage now show the relative visitor count compared to all visitors, just like for regular pages.

Check out our changelog for a list of all changes.

01. July 2022

This is a smaller update including one important change if you are a user of our API.

The CF-Connecting-IP, X-Forwarded-For, Forwarded, and X-Real-IP headers have been removed from the API. This means if you rely on these headers, you need to update your integration and set the IP field for the request to the real visitor IP.

How you obtain the real visitor IP depends on your setup. If you are behind a proxy, load balancer, or in the cloud, look up your provider documentation to see which of the above headers contains the real IP address.

We know that this change comes a bit abruptly, but the IP was easily spoofable and most Pirsch users shouldn't be affected by this change, so we decided to roll it out quickly.

Check out our changelog for details.

15. May 2022

Version 1.15 is a huge update with a lot of new features and improvements. Here is what is new!

Multi-Domain Support

Pirsch now has multi-domain support, allowing you to create rollup views and send data from a single website to multiple dashboards. To enable this, open the developer settings and add the domains you would like to send data to or receive from.

Additional domains

On your website, add a comma-separated list of domains to your JavaScript snippet using the data-domain attribute or use the API.

Script snippet

Keyboard Shortcuts

We have added keyboard shortcuts to make it easier and quicker to navigate your statistics. Press the left and right arrow keys to change the current period. Single keys are used to change the filter.

Keyboard shortcuts

Access Tokens

Sending page views and events using the API requires requesting an access token using oAuth. We now offer write-only access tokens that don't require an additional step and are better suited for stateless programming languages where you can't store the oAuth token between requests, like PHP.

To generate an access token, navigate to the developer settings and click "Add Client". Change the type to "Access token".

Add client

Multiple Email Reports

You can now add multiple email reports for the same email address. This is useful if you would like to receive a weekly and a monthly report, for example.

Hide the Graphs

The graphs can now be hidden to reduce the space they take up.

Filter and Sort All Data

Tables are now filtered and sorted on the server, so you are no longer limited to the top 100 results.

Filtering and sorting table entries

We also added pagination to allow you to load more results.

Load more


We made a bunch of improvements, including:

  • conversion goals and events can now be created from the panel and are always visible
  • added 25% separators in panel lines
  • the chart labels are now responsive

As always, check out our changelog for a full list of changes. We will update our documentation in the coming days to include instructions and more details for all the new features.

14. April 2022

This is a smaller update mostly fixing bugs, but it also changes the growth calculation when viewing a single day.

Filtering for a day will now compare it to the same day the week before, instead of the previous day. "Today" will take the time of day into account.

You can view the full changelog here.

02. April 2022

It's time for an update! The latest major version of Pirsch brings a lot of new features, fixes, and improvements. These are the most significant changes:

  • you can now click on the graph to filter for a date
  • results can now be grouped by week, month, and year, in addition to the regular per-day view
  • calculating the growth for the "Today" filter will now take the time into account instead of comparing to the whole last day
  • we have improved bot filtering using simple heuristics
  • the JavaScript integration now has an option to filter pages using a regular expression
  • the email report has been improved
  • the sample for conversion goals when using a regular expression is now saved and the dialog has been overall improved
  • the domain deletion dialog now contains the hostname for easy copy and paste
Scale filter

To see all the changes, please visit our changelog.

22. February 2022

This is our second feature update this year, adding new features to the dashboard and usability improvements.

For a better use of space, the height of the main graph has been reduced.

Main graph

You can now filter for the last month or for the current month up until today. Clicking on one of the newly added arrows will move the selection to the previous or next interval.


We have merged the platform and screen size statistics with the operating system and browser panel. This will reduce scrolling and make the dashboard more compact.


The cities panel now also includes the country's flag to make it easier to see what country a city is located in.

Cities panel

Using our conversion goal feature, you can now add your own regular expression. You can test your expression against an input. The syntax needs to be compatible with RE2 (an error will be displayed if your regex can't be compiled).

Conversion goals

We made more improvements to the core and our backend. For details, check out our changelog.

19. January 2022

We've released a smaller feature update, adding hourly page views, sessions, and bounce rate.

Hourly statistics

Since our last larger update in December, we've also fixed a whole bunch of issues. Most significantly, the average session duration was calculated incorrectly. Check out our changelog for more details.

09. January 2022

When we launched Pirsch last year, we set a lower price tag because we felt our feature set was too small. This has now changed and we did make adjustments to our pricing. Here are the changes for our three most used plans:

  • 10k page views: $48 -> $60 annually
  • 100k page views: $96 -> $120 annually
  • 200k page views: $144 -> $180 annually

The monthly pricing for these plans will stay the same. Existing subscriptions will be updated with the next billing cycle.

For all updated prices, please refer to our pricing page.

21. December 2021

The year is almost over, and we would like to thank everyone who supported us. You can find a recap of 2021 in the article linked below, including our plans for 2022 and changes to our pricing.

Our Recap of 2021

12. December 2021

This month's update brings some behavior changes and a new way to access the API:

  • events can now be filtered by entry and exit pages (and the other way around)
  • popular referrers are now grouped ( and will both be displayed as Google for example)
  • OS version numbers are now shortened to reduce clutter (10.11.5 will now be displayed as 10.11)
  • sessions will now be reset when the referrer or a UTM parameter changes and no longer count as bounced if an event is send
  • we have added a new API endpoint to list all events including metadata and filter by metadata keys and values

The API can now be accessed by creating a "user client" on the account page (click on your name in the top right corner). A client created that way has access to all of your domains and more functions, like creating, deleting, and modifying domains and their settings. In the coming days, we will add more details and descriptions of the new endpoints available on our documentation.

As always, to see all changes you can view our changelog.

07. November 2021

It has been about a month since our last product update. This updates contains usability and dashboard improvements, bugfixes, and new features. We also have a special offer at the end for you!

Let's start with the usability and dashboard improvements:

  • we added a search to the domain selection
  • the light/dark mode preferences will now automatically be detected (set to "auto" in the account settings)
  • the account timezone settings have been removed. Instead, the timezone is now automatically pre-selected when adding a website
  • we added links to your public dashboard to the settings page, if configured

The following new features are now available:

  • you can now set the time range filter to "live", to automatically update the dashboard statistics every 30 seconds and load statistics for the past 10 minutes
  • we added a parameter to hide the menu and footer (add ui=none to the URL) for embedded dashboards

Finally, we teamed up with Dailytics for beautiful and customizable email reports! You can get 50% off for the first two months by using the code PIRSCH50.

Dailytics Logo

As always, to see all changes you can view our changelog.

08. October 2021

We are live on ProductHunt! Feel free to leave us an upvote and a review.

Visit ProductHunt

25. September 2021

In our latest major update, we made significant changes to the core functionality of Pirsch, improving the performance, the acurary of statistics, and added more filters.

The most fundamental change is that we now roll forward sessions. Data points like the referrer, collected on the first visit, are now available on all successive page views, allowing you to analyze the full visitor journey and see where someone originally came from on any page he visits. Events are also now connected to sessions and allow more granular filtering.

If you would like to learn more about the technical changes, please refer to our changelog.

Here is a list of changes we made to the dashboard:

  • referrers are now grouped by hostname (if possible). Filtering for a referrer will reveal the full list of links visitors came from
  • statistics can now be filtered by the entry and exit page, in addition to the regular page filter
  • the entry and exit page panels now include the entry and exit rates
  • filtering for a country now displays a city panel
  • statistics can now be filtered by "unknown" and are displayed as "null" in the filter list (e.g. "Referrer is null")
  • tabs in panels are no longer reset to the first tab if you change the filter
Filter inversion

We also extended the free-trial period to 30 days and 100,000 requests.

We had to run a data migration to adjust existing statistics to the new data layout. The data displayed for historical data might not perfectly reflect the new capabilitis of Pirsch.

10. September 2021

This weeks update contains performance improvements and filter inversion.

A filter can be inverted by clicking on the green "is". Click on "is not" to change it back.

Filter inversion

Additionally, we made the following changes:

  • pirsch.js and pirsch-event.js are now gzip compressed
  • we added a Dashboard button to the menu, which does the same as clicking on the logo. In a future update, clicking on the logo will bring you to an overview of all dashboards
  • we fixed filtering by "unknown" statistics (when opening a panel)

View our changelog

04. September 2021

In this smaller update, we have added new screen classes and made some optimizations.

  • new screen classes are HD, Full HD, WQHD, UHD 4K, and UHD 5K for higher resolution screens
  • the XXL class has been renamed to Full HD (< 1920px)
  • devices with zero visitors are no longer displayed on the platform panel
  • we added the defer attribute to our script snippets, we recommend that you add it to your websites

Here is a short example how the defer attribute can be added to the snippet. It will delay the execution of the script after the page has fully loaded and will speed up your page (at least a little bit).

<script defer src="..." ... />

View our changelog

28. August 2021

This updates brings a lot of changes, improvements, and bug fixes to Pirsch. Most significantly, we now collect the page title and you can group page statistics by them instead of the path. This is useful if you dynamically generate pages, like /page?id=123.

The option for this feature is turned off by default and can be enabled on the domains general settings page.

Pages grouped by title

Furthermore, numbers are now shortened. You can hover any number, time, or percantage to show the raw value.

Number formatting

Tables can now be searched. Entering a search query will filter the results by the first column.


Flags are now displayed in the country panel and table.

Country flags

Finally, the dashboard URL is now more descriptive. The selected interval will be shown in a more readable format (today, yesterday, 7d, ...) and we added the domain, so that the correct one is selected if you send someone the link.

And of course, we fixed all known bugs.

View our changelog

09. August 2021

Welcome to the news! This new dialog will show you the latest additions and changes to Pirsch.

You can now use "Yesterday" to filter the statistics for the past day.


Additionally, we made the following changes:

  • visual and textual improvements to the website and settings
  • this dialog has been added to show you what has changed since the last update!
  • some minor issues have been fixed

View our changelog