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Start with cookieless tracking today and harness the power of Pirsch Analytics, a robust, privacy-friendly solution that is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR.

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The Cookieless Tracking Solution The Cookieless Tracking Solution
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What Is Cookieless Tracking?

Cookieless tracking is a modern approach to collecting user data without relying on traditional cookies, which are small files stored on a user's device. This method respects user privacy while still providing valuable insights into site traffic and user behavior. Using techniques such as fingerprinting, local storage, and server-side tracking, companies can effectively monitor user interactions without compromising the integrity of the data collected. Cookieless tracking ensures compliance with privacy laws and is the way of the future for web analytics.

What Is the Difference Between First-Party Cookies and Third-Party Cookies?

First-party cookies are created and stored directly by the website you are visiting. These cookies help the site owner collect analytics, store language preferences, and perform other useful functions that provide a good user experience. They allow the site to remember important information about your visit, which can improve your experience on that particular site.

Third-party cookies are created by domains other than the one you are directly visiting, hence the name "third party". They are often used for online advertising purposes and social media features. For example, they allow advertisers to target ads to your interests and track the effectiveness of different advertising campaigns across different websites.

In general, first-party cookies help improve your interaction with the website you are visiting, while third-party cookies are typically used to improve marketing efforts and deliver content from third-party services.

Do Tracking Cookies Require Consent Banners?

Yes, consent banners are typically required for tracking cookies, especially in regions subject to strict privacy laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the United States. These laws require websites to inform visitors about the use of cookies that track personal information and to obtain their consent before these cookies are placed on their devices.

Opt-in banners provide notice that a website uses cookies to collect information about user preferences, device characteristics, and browsing patterns that may be used for analysis, advertising, or to improve the user experience.

The purpose of these banners is to inform users of the data collection practices and allow them to accept or decline unwanted cookies.

Switch to Cookieless Analytics With Pirsch

Discover the future of web analytics with Pirsch, a powerful cookie-free tracking solution. Pirsch provides an ethical and privacy-compliant way to monitor the performance of your website without compromising the privacy of your users. By integrating directly into your website's backend, Pirsch eliminates the need for tracking cookies and ensures full compliance with global privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

With Pirsch, you get accurate, real-time analytics that helps you understand visitor behavior without storing personal information. Implementing Pirsch is easy — just add the lightweight script to your site or use one of many integrations and you can start gaining insights with a more sustainable and user-friendly approach. Power up your analytics with Pirsch and look forward to a more private, cookie-free future.

No Consent Banner, More Accurate Data

One of the biggest advantages of using Pirsch is that there is no need for consent banners. Because Pirsch does not use cookies to collect data, there is no need for consent banners that could disrupt the user experience or detract from the aesthetics of your site. This not only simplifies compliance but also improves the user experience by providing a seamless, uninterrupted browsing experience.

In addition, Pirsch provides more accurate data because it is less likely to be blocked by ad blockers, which typically target cookies and tracking scripts. This means you get a more complete picture of your site traffic and user interactions, enabling better decisions and optimization strategies. With Pirsch, your analytics become a reliable growth tool that gives you a head start in understanding and effectively responding to your audience's needs.

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