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  • RESTful API and SDKs
  • Custom event tracking
  • Conversion goal tracking
  • Full access management
  • Public dashboards
  • Unique access links
  • CSV data export
  • Regular email reports
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Pirsch makes use of the HTTP protocol to recognize visitors using a technique called fingerprinting. It generates a hash for each page visit calculated from the visitors IP address, the current date, and more. The combination of these datapoints with a random string of letters and numbers ensures they are anonymized.

Your website and account data are hosted in Germany only. In case you subscribe to Pirsch after the trial your payment details are handled by our partner Stripe in the USA.

Yes, you can download all your statistics to CSV files from the settings page. We also offer a API to work with the data in your tools.

Should you reach the usage limit before the end of the month, your access will be limited to the day you reached the limit. We will keep collecting data for your websites for five days before we stop accepting page views. To regain access to your statistics and prevent gaps, upgrade your plan within those five days or wait until your usage limit has been reset.

As of now, we offer payment by credit card only. We plan to add more payment methods in the future. In case you need a specific payment method, feel free to contact our support.

Yes, in case you downgrade from a more expensive plan, the amount for the remaining time of your billing cycle will be added to your balance. Should you upgrade later, your balance will be used first, and you only need to pay the difference.

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