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Case Study: Famewall

This is one in a series of articles on how our customers use Pirsch. We are looking for interesting use cases and integrations. If you have something for us and would like to become part of this, reach out to our support.

Hey Goutham! Please introduce yourself and tell us about Famewall.

Hey everyone! I’m Goutham Jay and I’m the solo founder of famewall.io. Famewall is a software tool that makes it easy for businesses to collect testimonials from their customers and use them as social proof to increase sales and conversions. I started building Famewall in public last year after facing the problem of collecting testimonials for my previous businesses.


It’s hard for business owners to collect testimonials when they have to set up a complicated form, send it to customers and then ask them to upload videos to Google Drive. Sharing them becomes another pain point. Famewall is a one-stop solution for managing your testimonials in one place, collecting them from customers and using them whenever necessary to power your marketing campaigns by placing them on widgets, generating images from testimonials to use in email campaigns, social media posts, etc.

Why did you choose Pirsch and how did you learn about it?

As a solopreneur running a freemium app, I rely heavily on landing page data to monitor page views and conversions. Initially, I ruled out Google Analytics from my options as it’s not GDPR compliant. Then I started using a fairly popular privacy-friendly analytics tool, but the interface made it difficult to get the insights I needed. I have actively tried more than 5 privacy-friendly analytics, but never progressed. Until I found out about Pirsch on Twitter, where I saw a few posts from people using Pirsch’s APIs for analytics. It was intriging because I hadn’t come across a privacy-friendly analytics tool that also offered API support. API support seemed lucrative to me because I could enable it for my own customers in the future and not have to worry about privacy. Once I started using it, I was really impressed with the UI/UX. I could easily understand the analytics data, set up goal tracking and monitor conversions. It’s also the most affordable analytics tool out there that scales with traffic. I’ve been really impressed with Marvin’s support, as he’s very quick to respond to customer issues & requests. In fact, I had my analytics data imported into the platform in just a few hours. Both the product and the support are excellent!

Was it hard to implement Pirsch?

It didn’t take more than a couple of hours to set up, and I added Pirsch’s page view events to my no-code landing page. It was a simple copy and paste. I also use Pirsch’s event tracking to analyse button clicks on the landing page. I plugged in the Google Search Console to get an even better view of the keywords that are ranking, although Google’s interface is rather clunky and opens up a lot of views before we can get any meaningful demographic data about the keywords.

What do your customers think about the integration?

It’s been a great experience for me and my clients. I no longer have to worry about GDPR issues by using an anonymous analytics tool, and my customers also have a great experience because of the reduced page load.

I’ve had no problems with Pirsch, so much so that I’ve been a paying customer of their product for almost 1.5 years now :)

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